Friday, September 26, 2008

Jane Nursey's reversible chasuble and stoles

The lovely Jane Nursey is being Deaconed on the 4th of October 2008 at East Dereham Church here in Norfolk UK.
She wanted a reversible chasuble and two matching stoles. The braid we initially decided on for the white side of the Chasuble was fearfully expensive and Jane asked a couple of members of her Church if they knew of anywhere we could get braid at a more reasonable cost. The couple that she asked are retired from their business of making Passementerie but they readily offered to make the braid we needed as a gift.
How wonderful to be able to wear something you know has been lovingly created specially for you.
The crosses on the backs of the stoles are hand embroidered to a design that Jane supplied.
The silk is from the David Walters silk mills in Sudbury.

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